Hatched & Patched ~ Story of My Day ~ book of patterns

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This is a book to celebrate the every-day happenings in out lives. The housework, the baking, the going to work, the gardening, even getting ready in the morning!

Inside the covers are 25 insightful and whimsical stitcheries which feature part of our every-day lives where everything is done, but often we have nothing to show for it.

Also included are eleven different projects to create with and every-day theme. 

Projects include - (descriptions from designer Anni)

  • Story of My Day Quilt This quilt incorporates the 25 stitcheries, measures 62"x62"
  • Sewing Day Case 2 1/4"x5" in size.
  • Sew All Day Project Bag This bag is roomy enough to contain the Sewing Day Case along with the project you are working on, and has the added bonus of a (purely optional!!) zipper to close away everything to prevent it from escaping. This bag is 7"x7 1/2" 
  • Look at the time! Pincushion The wrist pincushion incorporates woven wool, fabric and stitchery, and has a firm base to stop pins from stabbing your wrist!
  • Time to Read Bookmark This is another small project which is useful and delicious at the same time!
  • Time to Shop Purse This purse combines Stitchery, paper piecing and a little amount of machine sewing. The zipper allows the purse to open out wide so you can find all you need, and, with little side tabs, it is easy to open and close.
  • Perfect Day Notebook Cover This one fits a basic spiral bound notebook, but could be used as a photo album cover instead to show off all those glorious holiday pics.....sigh.....
  • Dreaming of Shoes Eye Mask I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to dream of shoes, so here is a little eye mask to get you started!
  • Time for Bed Hot Water Bottle Cover This is a cute little hot water bottle which takes the smaller 700ml hot water bottle. Made with soft and cosy hand dyed woven wool, and adorned with a snuggly stitchery bed, along with some groovy fabric, it will keep you warm with a bit of style.
  •  Clickety Clack Ipad Cover This cover will fit a large ipad perfectly, so you can take it anywhere in style.
  • Fabulous Day Magnetic Notice Board I don't know about you, but my fridge is always COVERED in notes and bits and pieces. I have decided it is time to reign in the madness, so designed this notice-board which has magnets sewn on the back. It stays in place perfectly on the fridge, has pegs for each message, along with pockets for a notepad and pen to sit, so I can add to my shopping list as I go! 

    Designer: Anni Downs ,Australia

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