MillyMac Destash Noticeboard~ second hand patterns & fabric

"Destash"~To sell or trade your existing crafting supplies or 'stash' 

This page is intended to encourage recycling and re-use of craft items which we no longer need. eg If you have finished a project you might like to sell the pattern and the left over fabric bundle. 
Craft supplies can be expensive so this is a good way to offer patterns & fabric so that someone else may benefit .
Items can be listed FOR SALE or free "PASS IT ON"  
Each listing will be on the website for 1 month, relisting available at 50c per fortnight.
Admin will load all new listing each WEDNESDAY
  1. Pay listing fee via website, see link below. This fee covers admin time to load your listing and is not refundable if you do not sell your listing.
  2. Send the photo and item description (see below) via facebook messenger on our MillyMac Supplies Facebook Page or email the photo/details to
Info to include in your listing:
Make it easy to sell with a great description!
  1. Photo/s of item
  2. Title
  3. Description of what is included eg quilt pattern with 12 patterns
  4. Selling Price or Free "Pass it On"
  5. Your first Name,( surname optional)- helps people know who they are contacting
  6. contact phone/email

When people contact you about your listing

  1. Answer quickly, be friendly!
  2. Know how much it is to post to people if needed, if it is a "PASS IT ON LISTING" you might still need to charge for postage.
  3. Have your bank account details to give them
  4. Get their delivery address or organise pick up time
  5. Message MillyMac Supplies to withdraw the listing

Listing Fees

FOR SALE $2/ listing-on website for 1 month

PASS IT ON $1/ listing- on website for 1 month

RELISTING 50c pre listing-  relisted for 2 weeks.

Ideas for items to destash

  • patterns
  • craft books
  • magazines
  • fabric bundles
  • quilt templates
  • thread
  • buttons
  • notions

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