Mini Friends Christmas 2021

Our 2021 MillyMac Christmas Range is a Limited Range so please pre-order via the website early.

When you order let us know what date you would like delivery. If we do not hear from you your order will be sent on October 1st.
Last date for delivery for pre-orders is December 1st.

Freight cost for orders of Decorations ONLY will be $8.50 (checkout may show a different cost as the shipping costs for lightweight orders on this website are set for satchels and the decorations are sent in a carton)-you may also be charged a rural delivery fee.

All orders need to be made through the website, if you need us to activate your account so that you can see the prices and order then please contact us. 

We also have some other Mini Friends still in stock at a discounted price.

This year you can also get a "Mixed Carton" of 10 of the older range for an even cheaper price, you will receive one of each design, no double-ups.

Please note that prices displayed are GST inclusive.