12 Month Pattern Club~2021 ~ "United Stitches" by Rosalie Quinlan

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This is 12 Month Pattern Club~ registrations closed 

All patterns are on pre-printed linen and you will receive 2 of each design.

Cost: Month 1 $48.50 for the starter kit; Month 2-12 $42.00/month plus postage

We also stock Tilda Fabric packs & thread packs & the frames to put your extra stitchery in. Click here for the link for the hanky linen

Register now to receive your starter kit in January. We will be putting together a thread pack and fabric pack in January to go with this project that you can choose to purchase or use fabric/threads from your own stash.

January~ you will receive the United Stitches Starter Pack which contains 
~ United Stitches Collectors tin
~ Full pattern and instructions for the United Stitches quilt, the smaller wall quilt and the foundation pieced alternate blocks
~ United Stitches 4 ½ “ viewing window/cutting template
~ Mini Package 1 (2 x United Stiches pre-Printed Linen #1 & 2 x United Stitches #1 swap cards)
~ Mini Package 2 (2 x United Stitches Pre - Printed linen #2 & 2 x United Stitches #2 Swap Cards)

Then from Feb-December  you will receive 3 Mini Packages/patterns each month. Postage is $3.50/month for New Zealand customers (non rural addresses).

This kit was designed by Rosalie Quinlan with the purpose of sharing the patterns. There are 2 of the same design in each Mini package. you can choose to do the stitching project with a friend or use the 2nd copy of the design yourself. We won't be doing the "Swapping cards" as part of the pattern club as it gets too complicated.

Here are a few words from Rosalie (written in 2015)...."In a time where it seems that much of the world is troubled by our differences, it is time to think about what unites us. Love, family, hope, friendship- these are the things that we all share, the things that bring us together. As I stitched this quilt, I was reminded of all the wonderful women who helped me stitch “Simply Blessed”. I was thrilled to make 3 versions of that quilt using blocks stitched by a number of special people. The quilts have become my favourite as they are a symbol of what we can do when we unite for a common goal. This also puts me in mind of quilting bees of old where women joined together in groups to make quilts for the bride as she started her new life, for the arrival of a new baby and even quilts for those who were suffering. I have also been blessed during a difficult time in my life by healing heart blocks that arrived from all over the world. Often as stitchers and quilters, this is how we show our support, send a little message or give something of ourselves to each other. My desire is that United Stitches will be another way in which we can share together"

To give you more ideas on how these stitcheries can be used please see the photos and information about this project on Facebook, here is the link facebook https://www.facebook.com/unitedstitches/

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