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THIS CLUB IS NOW CLOSED FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS ~ check out our Children's page to see all our lovely patterns and fabrics especially for babies and young children.

Message from Mrs MillyMac~As an ex kindy teacher I know the value of imaginary play for children. I have chosen 5 patterns that I feel will be a great addition to children's playtime. You get to choose 3 that you would like to make.

This is 3 Month Pattern Club~ registrations close at the end of September.

~ to subscribe to this club choose and order your first month's pattern.

Then we will be in touch to see what other 2 patterns you would like for October & November. You will be emailed an invoice for the following 2 months.

Postage is $3.50/month for New Zealand customers.

A pattern will be mailed out the second week of September,October & November. So you can have them finished for possible Christmas presents.

All the patterns are from "Two Brown Birds" and are designed by Fiona Tully

1.The Cross Road Car Caddy
Measures: 33 x 96 cm (38½ x 13 in)

Beep! Beep! The Cross Road Car Caddy is such fun! Little fingers can take their favourite cars for a ride on the road, to the car-wash, and to get fuel. When play has finished, the cars can be stored in the pockets, and the set fold up for easy travel. This set uses machine piecing, and simple hand embroidery.

2. Happy House
Finished Size: 24 x 33 cm (9.5 x 13 in) when closed
Two little dolls live in the Happy House. They love to bake cakes, and watch their socks go around in the washing machine. At the end of a busy day, they have a bath, and go to bed with their teddies.
This pattern is a fantastic ‘scrap-buster’ and uses machine piecing and machine and hand applique.
Using this playset allows children to develop their fine-motor skills, language skills, and imagination.

3.Brighton - beach scene
Measures: 20 x 25 x 30 cm  (8 x 10 x 12 in)
Summer days at the beach are so much fun!
The Brighton playset is a classic bathing box that opens to show a beach play scene. The four little dolls come with boogie boards and a life ring and are ready to play in the sand and the sea. Surf’s up!

4.Happy Campers
Measures: 35 x 49 cm (14 x 19½in) when open
Everyone loves a camping trip! This caravan opens up to reveal a play set including two dolls, their teddies, a bathroom and bedroom. It uses machine piecing and applique, and is a perfect project for “scrap busting”.

5. Take-along Farm
Measures:the horse measures 18 x 20 cm (7 x 8in)
Cute little farm animals in a carry bag are great to take-along on visits, waiting rooms and vacation.
The perfect size for little hands, these toys can be used to teach little ones the names of animals, colours, numbers animal noises and animal songs.
This is a perfect scrap busting pattern. It uses machine sewing, and basic embroidery skills.

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