Christmas Felt Mini Friends Boxed Set~The Christmas Band around the Christmas tree

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$42.00 $52.00

Nothing like having a Christmas Party with all your friends!

Introducing the Christmas Band ~ Lucy Fox, Pixie Mouse with her violin and Lily cat who also wants to be a royal princess. 

Christmas band comes in a white gift box with tissue paper.

The set includes 1 of each of these~

  • Christmas Tree - felt & wood~ 25 cm high
  • Lucy Fox - 10 cm high ~Lucy Fox is just adorable, a kind natured Fox who loves being part of the Christmas Band, she has presents for everyone!

  • Lily Cat - 12.5 cm high ~ Lily Cat adds a festive note to the Christmas band with her bell.
  • Pixie mouse - 13 cm high ~ Pixie mouse is a talented violin player who stops her world tours to play in the Christmas band with her friends each Christmas.

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