Monthly Punnet Project ~ September

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Our next Punnet Project is revealed on the 1st Wednesday of each month so check back then.

The contents of the Kit will be shown on Facebook Live at 4 pm on Wednesday 1st September, it is recorded so that you can watch it later too.

What is a Punnet project? It is a fun project to do where we send you a cardboard punnet which will include the pattern & most of the products that you will need to complete the project. Sometimes the pattern is sent to you electronically, however if you need to trace any images we will send you the hard copy too.

How do I know what is inside the punnet? On the 1st Wednesday of each month I will reveal what the punnet project is on Facebook Live @ 4pm,- and unpack it for you to see what is included in the project. We also list the contents on the website for you.

What type of projects are in the Punnets? Over the year there will be a variety of projects. Last year we did cushions, pincushions, tea tray mat, a Christmas apron & wall-hangings. If you have a good idea for a future Punnet project then please contact us, we would love to hear about them.

Do I need to register to receive the Punnet Project?  You don't need to register for these punnet projects however if you have a group that would like to take part please email me in advance to book your group in.

I cannot watch the Facebook Live however I want to order a Punnet project, what do I do? The punnets can be ordered before they are revealed by email. Orders need to be in the day before and you will be committing to purchase a project that is a like a mystery project as you will not be able to see it before the Facebook Live reveal.

How much will the Punnet Projects be? Punnet projects will usually range in price from $25-$55.

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