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Marg Low's 5 Month Pattern Club

Order the first month to join this club and then we will email you an invoice for each of the 4 months.

A pattern will be mailed out the first week of February, March, April, May & June. 

Marg Low says, "It’s all about ‘Having fun making stuff’ ". 

What kind of projects will be included in the club?
Marg's answer: Only projects I need and have fun making! 

The first month is the "Garden Blooms" pattern.

This felt appliqued dilly bag (see below for description) will hold all your sewing essentials, scissors, packets of needles, glue pen and Hera marker. Marg says that she doesn't go anywhere without this bag! 

The pattern includes instructions for the drawstring bag, needle case & scissor fob.

The second photo gives you a peek at what the next 2 months patterns will be.

Note: A dillybag or dilly bag is a traditional Australian Aboriginal bag, generally woven from the fibres of plant species of the Pandanus genus.. It is used for a variety of food transportation and preparation purposes. Dilly comes from the Jagera word dili, which refers to both the bag and the plants from which it is made.- definition from Wikipedia

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