Wolfkamp & Stone - Taurepo- Soap

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Luxury triple milled soap made of sustainably managed sodium palmate and enhanced with moisturising shea butter and manuka honey. Each soap bar comes sealed in quality paper with gorgeous New Zealand designs.

Natural Lemongrass scented

Weight: 187g

Made in New Zealand

Info about the flower Taurepo from the Auckland Zoo website

"Taurepo grows to two metres high and is found naturally in North Island coastal to lowland forests – near streams, on rocky slopes and clinging to cliff faces. Interestingly, this ‘twiggy shrub’ has been adapting it’s form over thousands of years, to suit our varied landscape – such as bushing out to protect itself from salty sea spray!

Flowering throughout the year, but most vivid in October and February, taurepo produces compact and brightly coloured trumpet-shaped flowers in rich hues alternating from pale yellow to orange-red. These papery flowers balance on delicate stems that, after wilting away, produce a dry capsule filled with tiny seeds.  

Sadly, this species is threatened and in decline on mainland New Zealand, partly because of its co-dependant relationship with our native long-billed pollinators, many of which are also endangered. The open-ended trumpet shaped flowers are specifically adapted for pollination by the long tapered beaks of Aotearoa’s honeyeaters, the hihi (stitchbird), tieke (saddleback), bellbird and tūī."

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