MillyMac Studio Club~ 2023 "Craft with Heart" Project

Our "Craft with Heart 2023" Project


Late registrations will start 23rd February

Welcome to our 2023 MillyMac Studio Club! This year we're going to be doing a 12- month project called "Craft with Heart".

Yes, - I know how much love you put into your stitching, sewing & quilting so I thought that we could do some stitching that captured some of what happens over a year in your life, then put the stitcheries into a special quilt.

Think about what your year ahead is looking like, are there any family occasions, special dates, weddings? There may be births & deaths to record, possibly trips away, holidays, guild events. Each month you will be able to record these in with a stitchery in your quilt.

At the end of the year, we hope that everyone will have their own personal quilt that shows the year that they have had with stitcheries, or you may choose to do it for someone who is close to you - a son or daughter, friend, grandchild or other relative.

How will the "Craft with Heart" project work?

January- we'll start the year making a lined cover for an A5 Journal cover using the fabric collection that you choose for your project & the "Time for Me" pattern designed by Lilabelle Lane (see photo). This pattern includes full colour instructions and the stitchery design is pre- printed on white linen.

You will be sent some starter questions for your "Craft with Heart" Journal & it's up to you to decide how you'd like to use your journal. It could be used to keep a record of your creative projects; focus on something that you want to achieve in 2023 or simply just record the highlights of the year & what you are thankful for.

None of us know what the year has in store for us so feel free to make it about what is important to you.

You can buy your own A5 journal to insert into the cover. 

February- Now that your journal is set up, we can start making the stitcheries for the quilt! This month you will be sent the pattern for "Ruth's Quilt" by Leanne Beasley. This is a simple quilt with lots of stitched tags with pictures & words inserted (see photo).

Finished size of quilt is 67 long x 72 in wide- it is has 24 rows ( 2 per month)

Leanne has given us permission to use her quilt pattern for the year and to use her tag templates, alphabet & designs. You will be able to use Leanne's designs and create your own tags each month depicting what is meaningful to you. It's like doing a journal with stitcheries. You can choose to use your journal book to draw your designs.

Every second month we will send you

  • more journalling ideas
  • a pack of fabric from your chosen collection
  • some of Leanne Beasley's designs. Leanne has already drawn some new designs for us to use and we will be working with her to see what we can add throughout the year
  • linen for your stitcheries

Later in the year you will be given the option to purchase an extra pattern with lots of designs to use in your "Craft with Heart" Project.

2023 "Craft with Heart" Project FAQ

Who is this Project open to? New Zealand & Australian residents only

How do I join the MillyMac Studio Club? Select which fabric collection you would like below. This fabric choice will be used for the journal cover & the quilt. 

How much does it cost?-each cost is listed with the Fabric Collection

  • Registration cost: includes the Journal Cover pattern & fabric pack for the cover
  • Bi-monthly cost: includes Leanne Beasley's "Ruth's Quilt" Pattern & the journal ideas, tag designs & fabric pack from your chosen collection.
  • Optional Cost: an extra Leanne Beasley pattern to be sent in June. More info will be sent in the April pack so you can decide if you would like the pattern added to your June pack.

Please note: Registering for this project means that you are committing to the full 12 months. We will contact you to set up your bi-monthly payments.

Why are the costs of the different fabric collections different? The cost is determined by the fabric range that is in each collection, eg Liberty Fabric is more expensive than other ranges,

When will the "Craft with Heart" packs be sent? We will aim to send each pack around the 23rd of the month & after February the packs will be sent every second month.

  • January-Journal pattern & fabric
  • February & April- "Craft with Heart" Pack
  • June "Craft with Heart" Pack & option for a second pattern (additional cost)
  • August & October -"Craft with Heart" Pack
  • December (date to be advised)- "Craft with Heart" Pack 

I don't like any of the Fabric Collections, what shall I do?

Contact us by email and give us 14-16 fabrics that you would like to use for your "Craft with Heart" Project.