DMC Eco Vita Hemp Embroidery & Punch Needle Fabric

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New! Eco Vita Hemp is an eco-conscious fabric that’s ideal for embroidery and punch needle. Its natural open weave with gentle variation gives embroidery a rustic look.

Sizes 38 x 45 cm

Perfect for use with the new DMC Eco Vita crewel wool thread.

Eco Vita 100% Hemp fabric is resilient, soft and fully biodegradable. Available in a choice of four soft shades. All our pre-cut fabrics come rolled to avoid stubborn creases.

This fabric makes an excellent base for embroidery or punch needle with our Eco Vita Naturally Dyed Organic Wool Thread.

Hemp is a sustainable fabric choice because it is a fast-growing plant that uses less land and water than cotton. It absorbs more CO2 than trees.

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