DMC Tapestry Needles

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DMC Tapestry Needles are 1 ¾ “ – 2 “ long and are made of premium grade nickel-plated steel. DMC Tapestry Needles are available in nine packs of different sizes.

The blunt rounded end of a tapestry needle slips easily through the holes of canvas or into the weave of fabric without snagging or piercing. The long oval eye carries more than the usual number of strands of thread.

The size number of the tapestry needle corresponds to the size of the eye and the thickness of the needle. The higher the number, the smaller the eye and thinner the needle. You will use tapestry needles in needlepoint, bargello and cross stitch projects. The smaller tapestry needle size work well with hardanger and evenweave fabrics as they slip easily between the weave, helping to count the threads. 

Tapestry needles with aida fabric counts. Below is a helpful guide when selecting the proper needle for your cross stitch project with aida fabric.

  • Needle Size 18 - 6 Count Aida Fabric
  • Needle Size 20 - 8 Count Aida Fabric
  • Needle Size 22 - 11 Count Aida Fabric
  • Needle Size 24 - 14 Count Aida Fabric
  • Needle Size 26 - 16 Count Aida Fabric
  • Needle Size 28 - 18 Count Aida Fabric