Covid-19 Shutdown

Posted by Andy MacDonald on

Hi everyone, this is to let you know that MillyMac Supplies is closing it's online delivery service while New Zealand is in shutdown. We are not classified as an essential service.

This will be at least for the next 4 weeks. However you are welcome to keep making orders so that you don't miss out on new stock. At checkout you will be able to select to pay by bank deposit after the shut down ends. Select the COVID-19 PAY BY BANK DEPOSIT at checkout.

This means that no money needs to change hands until we are ready to send courier parcels again. I hope this helps.

I am not sure whether new stock will be arriving into the warehouse, however I will be keeping everyone informed via newsletter and my Wednesday Facebook Lives at 4pm.

This is a difficult time for everyone and I am especially aware of that many of our customers are in the at risk age group. If you feel alone or need a chat via phone or facetime please contact me and I will make a time to catch up. You will be doing me a favour too as I am a people person so will be missing my friends and groups that I regularly attend.

Take care everyone and STAY HOME!!

much love and virtual hugs, Kim

aka "Mrs MillyMac"

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