Destash Challenge- time to sort your craft space?

Posted by Kim MacDonald on

This year I am keen for our MillyMac Community to use the Destash Noticeboard on this website. It is a great opportunity to have a clean out of your craft space. You can either give it away for free to bless someone else, "Pass it On" or you can list it to sell for a small fee. Each listing stays on the website for a month. I have tried it out over the last month and was pleased to be able to give a great pattern away and sell some patterns.

Until the end of March I am running a Destash Challenge- just list something before the end of the month to get an extra entry on your Customer Club card.

Our MillyMac Customer Club members each have a loyalty card. This means that after 6 purchases they receive a discount of 10% of what they have spent (ex GST). So by taking part in this Destash Challenge you will be a step closer to receiving your next discount!

How to join the MillyMac Customer Club? Just sign up for our newsletters. 

It is Free to list items to give away, so feel the buzz and have a go. Just message me through the website or Facebook with the details and I can get you set up.

Happy Destashing!

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